We offer excursions to visit beautiful natural Parks and Ecological Reserves where you can enjoy the andean vegetation, rare birds and exceptional views.

You will explore Cotopaxi National Park and maybe endeavour the hike up to the Refuge 15.744 ft (4800m.) above sea level and even bicycle down the side of the volcano from the car park.

You can drive across from the Cotopaxi into the region of the Ilinizas Ecological Reserve to enjoy a trek within exhuberant vegetation, waterfalls and beautiful views.


Another highly recommended excursion will take you to the crater lake of Quilotoa where you can hike down to the lake and climb up by donkey or mule or take a five hour hike around the rim of the crater.

Bellavista lies within the Llanganates Ecological Reserve about an hour from the hotel. This trip takes you through typical mountain villages with the local Indians doing their farming, planting or harvesting. You get a glimpse into their way of life with amazing views of the high Andes.

BaƱos is located in a subtropical region next to the jungle and close to Tungurahua volcano which has been erupting for several years. You will enjoy trekking among the waterfalls in the lush tropical vegetation or take your bikes through beautiful routes, tea plantations and then even advance into the jungle. This is a full day trip.

Indian MarketsCloser trips will take you to market places such as Saquisili (Thursdays), Pujili (Wednesdays and Sundays) and Latacunga (Tuesdays and Saturdays), as well as other surrounding local villages.